Pipe Cleaning and Pipe Renewal Winch Line 2000 3000 daN Pulling Force

The THALER Pipe Cleaning and Pipe Renewal Winches – product line 2000 – are highquality products and represent the latest modern technical standard in the field of pipe cleaning and pipe renewal winches.

The hydraulic pump is equipped with a special adjuster. By this it is guaranteed that the adjusted speed is always kept constant.

The pulling speed may be regulated by a hand wheel continuously from 0 to max. Furthermore the pulling force is adjustable by a hand wheel as well from 0 to max. When the pre-selected pulling force is reached the hydraulic pump is regulating to “Zero-supply” and the winch operation is stopping whereas the pulling force is staying constant (pre-tension-system).

Amongst others Thaler Pipe Renewal Winches are used for Pipe Cracking, Pipe Cleaning, Pipe Relining and in combination with a Swagelining unit.

It is constructed under strict compliance with the machine guidelines of the European Community and with its chassis approved by TÜV (Technical Surveyance Authorities) they are admitted to the public traffic.

Standard equipment

ModelKE-SP 2030 RSW
Pulling force
3000 daN
Rope length 500-1000 m
Rope-Ø 9,5 mm
Max. rope speed 65 m/min
Operation  Pre-tension-system
Measuring system TM 3000 with USB-port and stick
Drive Hydraulic
Drive motor
 Diesel, 3-cylinder 
Power  15,4 kW
Layering Automatic
Drawbar Straight
with ball type coupling
Chassis Single axle
Chassis brake system
Overrunning brake / Auto reverse
Protection cover
including loading frame
Varnish RAL 5015 (blue),
optional other colours
Dimensions L x W x H
3250 x 1650 x 1450 mm
Weight with 500m rope 1.280 kg

Optional equipment

  • Various rope lengths
  • Height-adjustable drawbar with DIN towing eye and ball head coupling
  • Electronic measuring system TM 3001 (input of operator data via smartphone/tablet)
  • Printer for electronic measuring system TM 3000/3001
  • Dead man's switch, incl. 5m cable
  • Swivel D = 28 mm, firmly pressed onto the winch cable
  • Three-phase motor as alternative to diesel engine
  • Radio remote control
  • Adjustable rear working light
  • Winch on base frame for installation in a vehicle
  • Other paint finishes are possible on request
  • Deflection booms in various lengths
Name Pulling Force Rope-Ø Rope length Max. Rope length Pulling Force Registration Purchase No.
KE-SP 2030 RSW
3000 daN
9,5 mm
500 m
1000 m

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