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The Intellibox™ is the accessory that allows you to control and log the cable installation blowing process.

Core features of the Intellibox are live monitoring of the thrust force and slip between the cable and the belts, as well as automatic stops of the machine when reaching the preset maximum force or maximum slip limit to prevent damage to the cable. Clear and accurate logging of the necessary thrust parameters to meet your customer's regulations.

Easy electronic archiving of logs to prove successful installation of the cable (warranty certificate).

Core features:

  • Monitoring of the installation with a user-friendly software by means of a touch screen
  • Easy setting of installation parameters Stopping the machine when the maximum force or slip limit is
    is exceeded
  • Recording of installation parameters, thrust force, installation speed, retracted length, injection pressure/temperature and GPS position
  • Ability to perform a dynamic crash test to determine the maximum push force acting on the cable
  • Automatic creation of PDF protocols
Screen size: 7''
Battery runtime: Approx. 16 Hours *
Protection class: IP65
Max. Detectable cable length: 4.000m
  • Engine pressure
  • Pushing force
  • Verlegegeschwindigkeit
  • Laying distance
  • Temperature and relative air humidity
  • Blowing pressure / Temperature
Dimension: 270 x 248 x 180 mm
Weight: 4,9 kg

* = Approx. value, depending on external influences and battery status

"TFC 1"
Automatic recording/control equipment for blowing-in process

The THALER-Fiber Control (TFC 1) is the latest product on the market for blowing-in systems. The TFC 1 automatically controls the process while blowing in. It can be used regardless of which brand of blowing-in system is used.

All main data are entered via smartphone / tablet, e.g. information about project, compressor or used gliding means. The pipe- and cable parameters can be selected by dropdown-menu. The data transfer from smartphone / tablet to TFC 1 is given by Wi-Fi connection. An internal memory saves all input data which can be used for the next project – same information does not have to be entered again.

A detailed graph shows actual data of blowing-in process: cable length, which is already blown in, air pressure and cable speed. The same graph is also shown in the protocol. Additionally, a chart documents every meter which can be analysed if required.

Every protocol can be read as pdf-file on the internal memory via USB-port or on smartphone / tablet via Wi-Fi connection. With an internet enabled smartphone the protocols can directly be send as an E-Mail.

The TFC 1 is approved by German Telecom - ZTV TKNetz 40.

Execution: mit einem* oder zwei** air pressure supply ports
Cable-Ø: 1,0 - 16,0 mm (other sizes on request)
Logging:: Integeated Wi-Fi port (for wireless connection between Smartphone / Tablet and TFC 1)
Supply: Electric supply (optional with battery supply)
Dimensions L x W x H: 310 x 400 x 170 mm
Weight: 5,8 kg*
6,2 kg**

* = TFC 1 with one compressed air conductor
** = TFC 1 "Plus" with two compressed air conductors

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