Measuring Systems

Electronic measuring system TM 3000 with USB port

  • Indication and recording of pulling force, speed and length
  • Preset of limit value for pulling force
  • All protocols will be stored in the measuring system and can be read-out via USB port.
  • On request the machine can be equipped with a printer (as shown in the photo).

Electronic measuring system TM 3001 with WiFi and USB port

Standard functions of TM 3000 remain unchanged!

The TM 3001 has following optional functions:
  • A integrated W-Lan Router (Wireless connection between Smartphone / Tablet and the meassuring system)
  • Enables the operator of direct data input via Smartphone or Tablet
  • All protocols will be stored in the measuring system and can be transfered
  • via wireless connection on the Smartphone or Tablet
  • The protocols can be directly mailed from the Smartphone or Tablet

Measuring clockwork (dynamometer)

  • diameter 160 mm
  • Indication of pulling force
  • continuous adjustment of pull limit with cut-off system

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