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This series of compact, lightweight and hydraulically driven cable pushers enhance cable installation distances and ease of use in traditional infrastructures such as trenches, ducts or tunnels. Combined with winching they reduce the stress of pulling while increasing cable life.

The hydraulic cable feeder is designed for laying cables or underground ducts in open trenches, ducts or tunnels for new installations or during repair work.

Its drive system, with belts or chains, ensures optimum pushing without damaging the cable. Its small size makes installation easy with a minimum of preparation work.

Combined with the use of a winch, it relieves the pulling force during installation allowing longer lengths or higher weights to be installed.


TypeDF 6 HDF 6 H XLDF 22 H
25-130 mm 55-160 mm 8-40 mm
Drive Hydraulic
Pushing Force
6000 daN 6000 daN 2000 daN
Laying speed 17 m/min 17 m/min 72 m/min
Dimension ca. 1160 x 380 x 835 mm ca. 1160x 410x 880 mm ca. 700 x 270 x 450 mm
Weight 106 kg 108 kg 26 kg
Hydraulic power pack Petrol, 6,3 kW Petrol, 6,3 kW Diesel, 5,0 kW

Cable Laying Machine “Cable Dog“

The Thaler cable laying machine "Cable Dog" can be used as a pushing device in curved routes (without tractive force monitoring). Also set up to support the Thaler cable pulling winches at difficult to move points in the laying route, they fulfil important tasks through their pushing function. The endless conveyor back is equipped with 14 rubberised driver forks, 6 of which are permanently engaged.

Standard equipment

ModelCable Dog with petrol engineCable Dog with electric engine

Engine Power
3 kW 3 kW
Pushing force
800 daN 800 daN
Dimensions approx. 1150 x 450 x 950 mm approx. 1150 x 450 x 1050 mm
Height of chain drive approx. 320 mm approx. 320 mm
Laying Speed
0-11 m/min 0-11 m/min
Painting RAL 5015 (blue) RAL 5015 (blue)

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