Auxiliary rope winch Pulling Force 500 daN

The Thaler-Auxiliary rope winch is of captivating compact construction. With the small dimensions and transport wheels is the winch light and easy to handle.
Es handelt sich um eine leichte und handliche Hilfsseilwinde mit mechanischem Antrieb und auskuppelbarer Trommel mit einer Aufnahmekapazität von 1000 m Seil mit 4 mm Durchmesser.

This winch is mainly used for pulling-in bigger pulling ropes or fibre optic cables. The 4mm auxiliary rope can easily blowed-in with a piston or pulled by a pipe coil.
The drum winch have a pulling force of max. 500 daN.

In standard the winch is equipped without a measuring system. It can be delivered with a measuring system in a separate case.

Standard equipment

ModellAuxiliary rope winch with petrol engine
Pulling force
500 daN
Rope length
max. 1100 m
Rope-Ø 4,0 mm
Max. rope speed
65 m/min
Drive mechanic
Drive motor
Petrol, 2-cylinder
Power 4,1 kW
Motor cooling system Air
Layering Manual rope layering by hand lever
Chassis Transport handles- & wheels
Varnish Galvanized
Dimensions L x W x H
1170 x 800 x 1000 mm
 230 kg

Optional equipment

  • Electronic measuring system TM 3000 with USB-port
  • Other measuring systems like TM 3001, enables the operator of direct data input via Smartphone or Tablet
  • Swivel for rope Ø 20 mm
  • Polyester rope
Name Pulling Force Rope-Ø Rope length Max. Rope length Pulling Force Registration Purchase No.
Auxiliary rope winch without measuring system
500 daN
4,0 mm
1000 m
1200 m
Auxiliary rope winch with length measuring
500 daN
4,0 mm
1000 m
1200 m
Auxiliary rope winch with length measuring and pulling force measuring system
500 daN
4,0 mm
1000 m
1200 m

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