TTA 5875 AL

TTA 5875 AL

Hydraulic version, loading capacity 6200 kg

U-shaped construction, single axle chassis, air pressure brake system, DIN coupling, coupling height 900 mm (± 100 mm), hand operated hydraulic lifting pump, reinforced jockey wheel, load suspension system, TÜV approval if required, 80 km/h, lighting system 24 Volt, orange colour RAL 2011
Complete with standard equipment!

Optional Accessories

  • NATO coupling instead of DIN
  • Hydraulic lifting and lowering of cable drum by independent petrol or diesel engine additional to standard hand pump
  • Hydraulic drum drive for reeling and unreeling of cable drum
  • Additional supply of all kinds of drive and lifting systems by power take-off from towing vehicle
  • Light metal axle with bush bearings, ø 60, 75, 90 or 105 mm, including fixing collars
  • Tube coil frame type „RAW 2200“
  • Transport and unreeling basket for PVC tubes

Type Loading capacity Empty weight Adm. total weight Min. - Max. Drum ø Ma. Drm Width Length Width Height
TTA 5875 AL 6200 kg 1700 kg 7900 kg 1700-3200 mm 1600 mm 4500 mm 2550 mm 2200 mm