TTA 30011

TTA 30011

Hydraulic version, loading capacity 30000 kg

U-shaped heavy-duty construction is built for big cable drums up to a max. weight of 30 tons and a max. dia. of 4.600 mm and has a hydraulically driven “loading width extension”.The basic trailer consists of three major parts: rigid towing bar triangle and both frame side parts with the supporting cross beams to pick up the drum.The trailer is fitted with 3 axles. All of them have having independent suspension.This trailer will be coupled to the towing vehicle by straight drawbar with ring pulling eyelet

Hydraulic lifting and lowering of the cable drum, driven by 9,6 kW petrol engine, suspensioned axles, brake system with ABS, lighting system 12/24 Volt, orange colour RAL 2011, 80 km/h

Optional Accessories

  • NATO coupling instead of DIN
  • Hydraulic drum drive system
Type Loading capacity Empty weight Adm. total weight Min. - Max. Drum ø Max. Drum Width Length Width Height
TTA 30011 30000 kg 7500 kg* 37500 kg 2800 - 4600 mm* 1500 - 2850 mm* 9200 mm* 2550 - 3750 mm*

3000 mm*


* Other dimension on request
** Technical changes reserved