Renting from our Thaler programm:


THALER-Cable Pulling Winches

  • With a pulling force of 2000 / 3000 / 5000 daN (according to availability)
  • With single or tandem axle chassis with ball type or ring eye coupling
  • Electronic measuring system with printer
  • From 500 up to 1000 m usable rope length
  • Petrol or Diesel Engine (according to availability)

Blowing-in Technology

  • Cable Blowing System"Fiberjet" for blowing-in cables of diameter range 10-25/30 mm
  • Cable Blowing System"Tornado" for blowing-in micro tubes and fibre optic cables of diameter range 6 - 32 mm
  • Cable Blowing System"Air Stream" for blowing-in micro cable of diameter 2,5-11 mm
  • Cable Blowing System"Accel Air 2" for blowing-in micro cable of diameter 0,8-3 mm
  • Cable Blowing System"Breeze" for blowing-in micro cable of diameter 1-8 mm

THALER-Automatic recording/control equipment
for blowing-in process "TFC 1"

  • for Automatic recording of blowing-in process
  • for micro cable-Ø: 2,5 up to 11mm
  • can be used regardless of which brand of blowing-in system is used
  • approved by German Telecom - ZTV TKNetz 40

THALER-Cable Drum Transport- and Tube Laying Trailer

TTA 2091

  • Loading capacity 2500 kg
  • max. Drum ø 2800mm
  • Clear loading width 1700mm
  • Tandem axle chassis and height adjustable drawbar
  • Aluminium axle with bearings, dia. 75 mm with two fixing collars
  • Hydraulic drum drive system as well as lifting and lowering of the drum
    with B&S - Petroil engine

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.