Reeling Machines

Cable Drum Reeling Device “Cable Jack“

Cable Drum Reeling Device "Cable Jack"

Cable jack with drum drive system
Carrying capacity: 2000 kg

This Cable Jack is suitable for cable drum diameters of 400–2000 mm and a drum width of 1400 mm. By means of three supporting wheels which are height adjustable by hand cranks the device can be easily moved without drum.

Reeling Machine KU 07-K, compact

Reeling machine KU-07 K, compact version

This stationary, full hydraulic cable reeling machine is used to re-drum energy cables as well as communication and data cables. The complete unit is consisting of:

  • Take-up machine
  • Pay-out machine
  • Measuring and stacking machine, calibratable
  • Hydraulic cable cutter
  • Hydraulic aggregate
  • Central operation panel
  • Safety photo-electric guards for prevention of accidents

Following drum sizes can be handled:

  • max. drum diameter: 2800 mm
  • min. drum diameter: 500 mm
  • max. drum width: 1750 mm
  • max. drum weight: 10000 kg