TTA 509 with RAW

TTA 509

Mechanical version, loading capacity 1000 kg

Lifting and lowering by mechanical winch, single axle chassis with overrun brake, straight drawbar with ball coupling, TÜV approval if required, 80 km/h, lighting system 12 Volt, galvanized

Complete with standard equipment!

Optional Accessories

  • Height adjustable drawbar with ball-, DIN- or NATO coupling
  • Lighting system 24 Volt
  • Other drum dimensions and weights on request
  • Tube coil frame „RAW 2200“
  • 100 km/h approval
  • Underride barrier
Type Loading capacity Empty weight Adm. total weight Max. Drum ø Max. Drum Width Drawbar Length Width Height
TTA 509 1000 kg 350 kg 1350 kg 1800 mm 1200 mm straight 2950 mm 2010 mm 1720 mm

RAW 2200

Tube coil frame Type "RAW 2200"
For reeling PVC tube coils of pipe dia. 32, 40, 50 and 63 mm.
The frames may stationary be used or be transported within the a.m. cable drum transport trailer.

Basic frame
Welded out of stable quadrant hollow profiles.
It is equipped with feet having ground plates for stability.
On request transport wheel may be mounted.

Loading the bundle
Via a ramp the bundle is rolled into the frame.
The guiding rollers have to be fixed according the inner and outer diameter of the bundle.

Coil guidance
The loaded tube coil is guided at the outer and inner side by six adjustable rollers each. The rollers are running in ball bearings and may be adjusted in 50 mm steps to the corresponding inner and outer diameter of the tube coil.

The frame and the adjustable guiding rollers are galvanized.
On requst, the frame can also be painted.

Technical Data:

  • max. tube coil diameter: 2200 mm
  • max. tube coil width: 500 mm
  • max. tube coil weight: 150 kg
  • Total height: 2265 mm
  • Total width: 640 mm
  • Total length: 2500 mm
  • Weight: 138 kg
  • Diameter of the guiding rollers: 60 mm

Purchase-No.: A 478-00.00-00/0