AIR Blower - Cable blowing machine for micro cable-Ø 0,5 - 3,3 mm

Thaler AIR Blower
AIR Blower Lieferumfang in Transportbox

The electrically driven fibre blowing machine AIR Blower is a small handy device with which cables of diameter 0,5 to 3,0 mm can be blown in into micropipes of 5 to 7 mm.

The machine is supplied with two batteries, a suitable charger (230V) and a transport box as standard.
Different equipment for the machine can be stored in the transport box and can be changed without using tools.

An adjustable clutch ensures the safety and protection of the fibre.
Length and speed of the are shown in the display of the machine.
Blowing-out of the cable can be done by a reverse running.
The closing/clamping pressure on the cable is continuously adjustable.

Technical Data:
Cable Diameter: 0,5 - 3,0 mm
Tube Diameter: 5,0 oder 7,0 mm
Cable Speed: max. 150 m / min.
Pushing Force: 30 N
Air Pressure: max. 16 bar
Electrical Supply: Power supply by battery pack
Dimensions AIR Blower: 210x110x250 mm, 2 kg
Dimensions Transport Box with AIR Blower: 465x360x180 mm, ca.7 kg

Configuration possibilities:

Kabeltrommerlhalterung für AIR Blower

Reel Arm Kit for AIR Blower

for pre terminated mini drums

Purchase-No. 080-7932-011

Stativ für AIR Blower (Abbildung mit AIR Blower und Kabeltrommelhalterung)

Stand for AIR Blower

with air connector

Purchase-No. 080-7932-010