Fibre Optic Cable- and Microtube Blowing-in Systems


The closing/clamping pressure on the cable is continuously adjustable. The feed force will be adjusted by a precisely pressure controller. Length and speed of the are shown in the display of the machine.

The MULTI Blower can be pre-equipped for recording (Thaler-LOG or TFC1) by request.

The MULTI Blower is approved by German Telecom - ZTV TKNetz 40.

Technical Data:
Cable Diameter: 4,0 - 35,0 mm
Tube bundles (Optional Equipment): 3x10 / 5x10 / 7x10
(further combinations on request)
Pipe diameter: 10,0 - 63,0 mm
Cable speed: max. 120 m / min.
Pushing force: 1.200 N
Air pressure: max. 16 bar
Supply: Pneumatic
Dimensions MULTI Blower: 700x300x310 mm, 28 kg
Dimensions Transport Box with Blower: 800x580x420 mm, ca.36 kg
The machine is equipped with a drive belt for cable-Ø 4-35 mm. The basic price does not cover cable guides and pipe clamps and have to be configured separately. They can be stored in the transport box and be chances without using tools.
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FIBERJET - Cable Blowing System for laying of fibre optic cables

The THALER-Cable Blowing System “FIBERJET” is used for blowing-in cables of diameter range 10–30 mm in HDPE-pipes of different sizes. Cable lengths of up to 4000 m can be blown-in at a speed of up to 100 m/min.

The blown-in length is depending on the inner diameter of the pipe, the cable diameter, the weight of the cable, the friction factor between cable and pipe as well as on the available air pressure.
Furthermore the possible length is depending on the quality of the pipe laying (curve radius, deformations).

The blowing-in system "FIBERJET"
is consisting of the following main components:

  • Thaler-blowing-unit “VARIOJET”
  • Pneumatic pushing device “CABLE FEEDER” with support
  • Mist oiler for gliding means with two connecting hoses
  • Compressed air after cooler

Main features

  • Indication of length and speed (in case of equipment with electronic measuring system)
  • Indication air pressure
  • Various combinations of tube configurations by means of interchangeable collets
  • Adjustable pushing force and speed
  • Auto stop by slipping control (in case of equipment with electronic measuring system)
  • Single person operation
  • Liftable chains for easy guide-in of cable
  • Low maintenance
  • Low noise level
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